We love cold weather. We love the things we get to do when the snow flies. And we love the excitement of getting ready for the change that’s on its way. Gearing up for this time of year includes pulling out all the cozy things we’ll need to bundle up in. And the annual rediscovery of those favorite sweaters and beanies, fuzzy scarves and wooly mittens, is a nostalgic and sweet ritual. 
Pistil is here to help you rev up for all the seasonal fun you’re going to have. As devoted specialists of making beautifully-crafted, playful, flattering accessories since 2003, we’re known for the attention we give to every detail, from buckle to button. And we make lines specific to both women and men, so our things really fit right, feel great, and look good. 
We’re all about versatility. Almost everything we make can be dressed up or down to go with you through your entire day, no matter where it takes you. So your transitions – from morning workout to commute, from workspace to dinner out, from town time to a weekend packed full of outdoor play – feel natural and effortless. 
We’re dead serious about our dedication to the quality of the things we make, but we also know there’s magic to be found in an unconventional, lighthearted approach. So our collection is wide and deep. We offer the classic and traditional styles alongside the eclectic and edgy.
Most of all, it’s about having fun. Fun finding things to wear that you feel like yourself in. Fun doing what you love to do on that first cold snap of a day. Now go have some.