Finding the right hat is no small thing. Which is why a lot of people simply say, “I'm not a hat person.” To them we respond: “You just haven't found the right hat.”Whether you have short hair or long, a big head or a tiny one, and even if you don't think you're a ‘hat person,’ we're pretty sure we make a hat that you will love.As to the difference between our men's and women's sizes, our women's hats are sized proportionally down for the typically smaller heads and faces of females. For example, our cowgirl hats have narrower brims and shallower crowns than their cowboy counterparts. We make many hats, so it's useful to know a little something about hat terminology as it relates to the general shapes and style out there. This guide should help.

military (often called cadet)

With a flattish crown, these are shallower in depth and a good choice for those with a smaller head – or that like hats that hit about ear level. Note that even though the top is “flat,” it is flexible vs. board stiff, and will take on the curve of your head. Most of the hats in this category have either an adjustable closure or elastic easing at the back.

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These have a crown of seamed panels that stays rather true and snug to your head. The brim is small- to medium-sized, and typically, we put elastic at the back for a comfy fit. A classic example would be the Haldi, with its standard depth. Others, like the Parker, are shallower in depth to fit those with smaller heads. Flattering on a wide range of faces.

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Put on a fedora and you feel instantly stylish and cool. Our summer versions, made of paper straw, cotton weave, raffia or jute fibers, are breathable and airy: perfect for warmer climates or hot summer days. Their medium brims offer full-circumference sun protection. Inside, a soft inner sweatband refines the fit and feels good on the forehead. Try wearing yours tipped forward, tipped back or slanted to one side to change up your look.

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These sporty, simple, head-encircling bands really excel at camouflaging a bad hair day or helmet head, and keeping hair around your face under control. Perfect for yoga, running, or simply as an accent to your outfit. They can be worn either circling your head from nape to crown, or horizontally across your forehead (like a tennis sweatband). Most knit versions have a button closure that can be secured anywhere through the knit for a custom fit.

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Classic, brimless, head-hugging shapes, each designed with respect to its materials and function. We offer an abundant selection, so consider the yarn used, its stretch, whether it has a lining or not, its style, and the intended use. Beanies meant for colder weather are made with a deeper crown so they can pulled down over the ears for maximum warmth.

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Beanies with the dial set for relaxed appeal. We make them with brims and without, and most can be shaped, draped, and folded as you please. Very current, very relaxed, some have a pom-pom topper, and most stuff easily into your pocket or bag.

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knit brims

Beanies with a short brim – and an element of street sass. Some fit close to the head, while others have a higher volume crown for hip, retro style. The knit fabrication lends itself to colder times of year, making them nice transition pieces from the cotton and woven hats you’ve been wearing all summer. Some are fleece-lined. All are super popular, and very comfy.

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Amelia Earhart with a backwoods twist: deep crowned, with earflap panels and furry linings, the epitome of extreme winter coziness. In shimmery embroidered nylon, wool plaid, and Nordic style knits.

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The beanie-like crown segues into ear-flaps, which terminate in tasseled strands that can be tied or left to dangle. These boast a hand-made vibe and pom-pom toppers. Some are chunky knits, others are lined in faux-fur, and all are soft and warm.

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belt sizing

We make two kinds of belts, woven and leather. The measurements listed are from end to end, excluding the buckle.

woven belts small: 35 inches (fits sizes 0 - 4) medium: 39 inches (fits sizes 4 - 8) large: 43 inches (fits sizes 10 - 12)
leather belts small: 38.5 inches (fits sizes 2 - 4) medium: 41 inches (fits sizes 6 - 8) large: 42.5 inches (fits sizes 10 - 12)