We aim for the modern and innovative, but we will never abandon our devotion to the tried, true and timeless. All of our designs remain clean and simple, playful yet refined.


Chunky hand-knits continue to be a phenomenon, with super-fat yarns and open stitch work. We love the hand-made appeal and rich texture of this trend.

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The human tendency to romanticize the past never seems to go out of style. In that vein, the current “heritage” trend is showing up as plaids and vintage detailing. Finding ways to blend old elements with modern.

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pop color

Colors are brightening, and there’s an undeniable nostalgia for the 80’s, with hues like bold teal and magenta emerging on every fashion front. We’ve always felt that pop colors bring warmth and zip to the gray winter season.

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Texture creates depth and invites investigation. It's one of those seemingly small elements that can make the difference between an average piece and something really special. This Fall and Winter, keep an eye out for: faux fur trim, earthy tweeds, knit patterns that range from intricate to chunky, and lusciously soft woven fabrics. All materials are chosen for their sensory appeal, right down to the hardware and buttons, which are high-quality and often extraordinary.

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It should come as no surprise that the products we inject with a little humor, often end up as both staff favorites and top sellers – you don’t have to be a kid to get a kick out of something that makes you chuckle. So though we take the business of making beautiful, well-made things very seriously, our natural impulse is to infuse a good measure of fun into our line as well. Some examples: our Flirt wristlet, and the Twilight, Smash, and Cupid beanies.

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