The Pistil Story

Pistil is the shared vision of a small group of friends with deep roots in the outdoor industry. We launched Pistil in 2003 to take accessories seriously, bringing sophistication and considered design to this often-overlooked category.

Pistil remains owner-operated by the original founders, in Hood River, Oregon. We make high-quality hats, caps, visors, beanies, headbands, scarves, handwear, and bags for active, fun-filled lives. Lighthearted style focused on function: that’s what makes a Pistil product.

The Pistil Landscape

Pistil is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. This stunning region is known for having both a laid-back attitude and a deep wellspring of creative energy. Living and working in Hood River, OR (our forever home), we enjoy close proximity to Oregon’s ruggedly gorgeous mountains and rivers as well as the metropolitan buzz of nearby Portland. This pairing of wild natural beauty and vibrant creativity is what we’re all about. If you’re in Hood River, swing by our Design Studio and Brand Store and check out some of our latest creations or just say howdy.

It's all in the details

The shape of a button. The silky sheen of a fiber. The just-exactly-right fit of a beanie.

At Pistil we’re known for sweating all the small stuff, because we know it makes the difference between a piece you like and a piece you love.


Thoughtfully designed is not just a slogan for our quality products. It is also our approach to everything we do. When it comes to sustainability, the foundation of our business is an agreement and like-mindedness with our manufacturing partners to meet specific criteria regarding environmental protection, social equity, economic fairness and animal welfare.

We share your passion. Working for sustainability is an ongoing process and a natural part of everything we do. Here is what we do and what we’re working on.

Climate Action

All manufacturers must meet strict requirements in regard to the materials we use, where they come from and how they are processed. We are committed to using recycled and recyclable materials, packaging and hangtags. We have eliminated or greatly reduced the use of polybags. Our offices and warehouse have been fitted with high efficiency lighting and water bottle reducing hydration stations installed.

Eco & Animal Friendly Products

We’re continually working on improving the sustainability of our products. You can expect that your fur pom will always be faux fur. You will not find angora in our yarn blends. The fleece ear band in your beanie is made from recycled polyester. The trim of our bags is a soft, durable vegan/faux leather. Our merino wools come only from sources with no mulesing practices. You’ll continue to find more and more recycled yarn blend options in our knits.

Fair Labor Practices

Pistil has worked with the same manufacturing partners for almost two decades. These are carefully chosen, long-term working relationships. The well-being of the employees is first and foremost. All Pistil Verified factories provide fair and humane working conditions.


We haven’t shouted much about our advocacy at Pistil. We do what we do not because we will get press for it, but because it’s what we believe in and do as a part of our connection to community. We have been supporting non-profits that help individuals, the environment and social justice since the beginning of Pistil in 2003, including our local schools and outdoor programs, water and fish conservation, cancer awareness, gender equality, domestic shelters, and countless individuals dealing with the side effects of cancer treatments.

We’re not resting. Our team is committed to improving our impact on the planet and working toward positive change. Our customers care, and so do we. We’d love to hear any suggestions or questions you may have regarding our efforts.

Talk to us

We design accessories to fit the lives of real people like you, and we love your feedback. Whether it’s reaching out through the online form or saying hi on social media, we’re always eager to hear how you work or play with Pistil.

Do you love it? Is there something we can do better next time? Let us know.